Search Engine Optimisation

All our SEO packages are tailored to suit your particular business sector, your business location and your online marketing objective. The total cost of SEO for your website will vary according to size of your site, the number of pages or services you are advertising, and how many other online businesses are competing for the same market.

Prices start from £140 per month

What does A Monthly SEO contract include?

  • Guaranteed improvements in your Google rankings

  • Optimised Google, and Bing/Yahoo Business Listings with map

  • Keyword and competition analysis

  • Meta Tags Optimised For Better Performance

  • SEO provided in accordance with Google’s guidelines

  • Increase In Website Visitors

  • Quarterly Reports Provided To Show SEO Progress

  • General Website Updates & Maintenance Included

Search Engine Optimisation – What am I paying for?

Search Analysis

This first step in the SEO process is to identify what keywords and terms your prospective customers or clients are searching for in relation to the products and services you provide. This information is then used to create the keywords and phrases which provide the foundation for a successful campaign. Successful SEO does not neccessarily mean selecting the most obvious search terms. it is also essential to review your key competitors and evaluate how they are performing in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

Onsite SEO

Once the search analysis for your site has been completed we take the data gained in step 1 and begin the process of applying it to your website. This includes adding website meta tag data and evaluating web page content. Meta tags are embedded in the coding of each page code so that the search engines can locate them. Your page content must reflect the targeted search terms in a way that will boost your website ranking.

Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is the process of promoting your website from other sites and locations on the world wide web. This process builds back links from other websites to your own. These links must come from respectable sources and be relevant to the content on your own website. The building of links to your website is detected and indexed by the search engines to improve the performance of your website in the search results.

If you would like to find out more about improving your website’s performance with the search engines please get in touch. We offer one off SEO BOOSTER packages, price is dependant on the size and style of your website. ALternatively ask us about our ongoing monthly SEO Services and WEBSITE SUPPORT PLANS, each can be individually designed to meet your requirements and budget. Send us your number now for a free call back ….

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