Responsive Web Design …. One size really can fit all!

Responsive Web Design

Search engines love responsive websites!

Is your website mobile-friendly? If not, don’t be surprised if its ranking plummets on Google search results. These days Google’s algorithm weighs on the side of websites which are mobile-optimized for better viewing on smartphones tablets and other portable devices. Now factors such as readability, and responsive design will affect your website’s search ranking.

Just as well then that all Red Leaf websites are responsive. A responsive website adapts immediately to the dimension of the screen on which it is displayed and ensures that wherever and however your customers visit your website they can navigate quickly and find the content they want without scrolling, swiping or pinching. Our responsive websites deliver impact and accessibility across desktops, laptops smartphones and tablets regardless of screen size.

Responsive design = Improved User Experience for Smart Phone Users

Responsive web pages give you the edge on your non responsive competitors and lower bounce rates

Boost Your Search Page Ranking

Google and Bing have both publicly acknowledged that having a responsive (or mobile friendly) website is a key factor for the ranking and classification of web search results. A non-responsive website is likely to have negative impact on your business.

Responsive website development …. It’s the bottom line!