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Website maintenance and updating

Website Maintenance & Updating Services – West Sussex

Do you have an existing website, CMS, or E-Commerce website that requires refreshing, updating or ongoing regular maintenance? If so Red Leaf Design can provide a variety of website support services to meet all of your website support and updating needs.

All businesses develop and change over time and website content needs to properly reflect all those developments and changes. If your website is out of date it can result in missed sales and lost business opportunities.

If you have new content to add to your website but don’t have the time and resources to do your own website maintenance, or if you you need to update your content but just don’t know where to start, …. whatever the problem we have the solution.


Quotes for website updates & amendments

Maintaining your website doesn’t need to cost a fortune. We can help with a one off updating project, or provide a regular site maintenance package depending on your requirements. We offer competitive quotes for updates and amendments and can create seamless additional pages for your existing site, editing or replacing written content and images to suit your requirements.

Regular Maintenance and Updating Packages

Do you have a blog, a Content Management System (CMS) or an E-commerce site that requires regular maintenance and updating on a weekly, or monthly basis? Or perhaps you need updates to your site regularly but less frequently throughout the year?

Red Leaf Design can provide a one off update service to make the changes you require. Alternatively we also offer ongoing website maintenance packages.

Refresh and Redesign Services

Is your existing website site is starting to look a little tired and in need of a complete refresh? The Internet evolves and changes at an alarming rate and from time to time it pays to have a critical look at your site. Pages that are slow to load, Flash intros, and other technologies that were state of the art just a few years ago may now just be an irritation to the people who visit your site.

Your website is your shop window and how it looks can speak volumes about your business or organisation. Red Leaf can help you to assess your site and provide costings and advice as required. We can update your current website using existing content where appropriate and/or add new content where neccessary to create a fresh new look.

Content for your website

If you already have images and copy for your site and know what you want to say about your business that’s great, but we also know that time is money and that it is not always possible for you to easily provide us with these, so if you need a helping hand we can also create the written and photographic/graphic content for your site.

To discuss your website maintenance requirements without obligation Please contact Steph on 01243 811434 or 07968 700083 to discuss your updating requirements.