Cloud Based Web Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

Red Leaf provides Cloud based website hosting Services. Cloud hosting utilises the most innovative computing technologies and offers many benefits over shared or dedicated web hosting services. Other website hosting solutions  depend on a single machine (or server), whereas cloud hosting has resources and security which are guaranteed by many servers. This ensures fast, secure and reliable website performance.

Cloud Hosting Services

Our service providers and support team are all UK based

With Web Hosting you get what you pay for. Many hosting providers offer low priced hosting services which are generally based overseas, often in the USA or in the Far East and which can bad news in terms of search engine results and website performance speeds. All our servers are high performance cloud based servers located in the UK

We provide fast response 24/7/365 tech support

Having your website hosted abroad can mean that the team managing your web hosting services is working a different time zone, making them difficult to contact and slow to respond when you experience problems with business critical email or website issues. We can provide 24/7/365 hosting and email support and ensure a fast response to your problems

Our web hosting packages include 4 times daily data backup as standard

Often cheaper website hosting packages that appear to be a good deal don’t include data backup, meaning that if the worst happens and your website is compromised or if data is deleted accidentally the site cannot be recovered. All our hosting packages include 4 x daily off-site backups, ensuring data integrity and a fast fix in the event of any accidental data loss or malicious interference

Looking to move your website from your current web-hosting provider?

We provide Cloud Hosting for all our own new websites. We also offer a free migration service for businesses who are looking to move an existing website to a faster, more secure hosting soloution. The migration from your old website hosting account to our Cloud Servers will be managed by our expert migration team to ensure a smooth transfer of your website files and databases, along with any existing domain email accounts.

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